NATECLA National Conference 2014 Sheffield

On Saturday 28 June I delivered a workshop at the National Association for Teaching English and Community Languages to Adults conference in Sheffield.

The title of the workshop was ‘Exploring experimental practice as professional development in ELT’ and for just under 1 and a half hours on the Saturday afternoon we looked at the general area of experimental or exploratory practice (EP) in English language teaching, shared opinions and considered different issues.

Given the limitations on time in a session like this, just like previous talks and workshops I have delivered on the topic in Hungary and France, the intention wasn’t to actually do EP, but rather to equip participants with a framework to start investigating their practice and some initial questions and sources to investigate.

I’d say the workshop was mainly pitched at teachers just starting out in the field, who otherwise might not hear about EP as an idea until much later in their career, if indeed at all. In fact, the people who attended my session all had quite a bit of teaching experience and some were even working in teacher training. I hope that there was at least something that they could take away from the session and perhaps pass on to colleagues or trainees.

I am hoping to follow up the workshop with a number of short articles about EP in general, and, provided I can find people who are interested, short interviews about the areas people choose to investigate for their assignments and why they chose them. If you would like to receive updates as these appear on this blog/website, you can click the WordPress follow button to the right of this post or subscribe to the blog via email (I promise not to use your details for any purpose other than for posting updates from the website).

For people who attended the workshop in Sheffield, the slides from the session can be found here: Exploring Experimental Practice NATECLA 28.06.14 [password protected]


ESOL professional – teacher, trainer and materials writer; interested in learning, teaching, language, and learning and teaching language. Now freelancing having worked in private language schools, further education colleges, and the media.

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